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Don Diego soles' positive impact on mood

Colors? A positive impact on mood and life

Color has always been a great mood influencer. People tend to choose darker colors when they are sad and prefer brighter colors when they are feeling happy.

Therefore, proposing fashionable footwear that can be used on various occasions, and combined with clothing based on the specific mood becomes fundamental, both for purely commercial purposes and to be recognized as a brand that has been able to grasp nuances and empathy. This will be an element that people will take into account when making a purchase.

Researches have shown how color preferences are influenced by external social events and by how they are approached. If so, it is clear that the theme of colors takes on primary importance in today’s conversation, given the times of uncertainty and fears that have surrounded us for more than a year.

We understand how colors have an impact on purchasing decisions, it is now essential to be able to leverage this knowledge to offer the right products, in the right colors, at the best time. It is also important to remember that people will perceive the colors of the collections, of the environments, and of the individual dresses and accessories in a joint way: it is necessary to pay attention to the combinations in order to create a homogeneous and cohesive environment that inspires buyers and convince them to proceed with the purchase. The goal is to create positive associations between consumers and the brand, as these will be the keys to loyalty.

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Color has so much power that it is sometimes able to identify a brand and characterize it. There are many examples of this in all product sectors, so much so that even colors have become a primary marketing tool, even covered by copyright.

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Furthermore, each color has its own meaning and refers to certain concepts and feelings. For example, warm colors (red, orange, and yellow) are normally associated with positive feelings, passion, and enthusiasm. Colder colors (blue, green, and purple) tend to calm the minds recalling the night and nature. Neutral colors, instead, (black, gray, white, brown, beige, cream) have the ability to combine well with other colors, by becoming “backgrounds” or taking on the roles of protagonists, by offering elegance, purity, and mystery; these are the most reliable ones and will remain the “must-haves” to create unique and personalized looks.

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For these reasons, Don Diego creates soles with very distinctive aesthetic characteristics, in terms of shape and color, so that our customers have the opportunity to create footwear that can be included in homogeneous and inspirational collections. Above all we want our soles to be able to reach people’s emotions.

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