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Milan Fashion Week 2021

Women’s fashion week 2021: a Milan between comfort and elegance, in Videoclip

A different fashion week from those we are used to seeing: glitz, worldliness, and captivating design, accompanied by extravagant accessories, have given way to a completely digital edition. The fashion shows have become videos and live shows that, in a few minutes, must tell a thought, a collection, the style of the stylists, and the values ​​of the brand. Let’s discover the trends presented in this edition of the Milan fashion week, between practicality and elegance.


Alberta Ferretti
Alberta Ferretti offers dream dresses, fluid but with strong lines: a collection full of contradictions that wants to reflect the historical period in which it was presented, combining the softness of warm materials with delicate and graceful rouges, strong shoulders, almost angular, with dresses decorated with sequins. The collection aims to create new shapes that embrace the body. During the day they opt for minimal, with soft ponchos that recall dressing gowns, while in the evening … a transformation, gambling, and glam that creates dreamy looks. Rhythmic music, a classic catwalk, and an aura of mystery, given by the smoke that surrounds the models that parade, and the show is arranged perfectly.


Inspired by change and the mix of styles and genres, the show proposed by Prada takes up the theme of transformation. The brand proposes garments straddling women and men that coexist and blend perfectly, creating an image of a strong, confident, and powerful woman. The models are not bound by clothes which, on the contrary, give freedom to the body and a feeling of security. They are re-nylon and fur shrugs, high platform boots in colored leather, and prints, which recall artistic styles such as Art Nouveau, to enhance the decoration while remaining functional. The proposed video is a dynamic fashion show, with passages between brightly colored rooms and different textures. The models are accompanied by camera movements that converge fluidity and dynamism to the show itself, making it even more modern.


Missoni proposes a new and unconventional fashion show, different from those seen up to now. It is a reminiscence of a video clip, in which one scene enters the other with continuity and fluidity: the models move, change, and evolve in the transformation of days and places, taking on aggressive looks from urban spaces, elegant charms for the evenings with sequins, and for the day they ate characterized by the comfort of jumpsuits and sweaters. The proposed world seems almost parallel: desolation and emptiness alternate playfully. Missoni, with its colors, its textures, and its overlapping seasons, is in perfect line for the historical period, offering comfortable and functional clothes that are presented in a more cheerful and happy world, sometimes dreamlike, able to last over time. The music of “Mad World” accompanies the audience perfectly in this uninhabited environment and tells a year of changes in which the woman is able to carry on the desire for dynamism and freedom with a strong and distinctive aspect, represented by the characterizing and recognizable motifs of the brand of the zig-zags and patchworks.


As a first-time protagonist of the fashion week, Brunello Cucinelli proposes a video message, an introduction that shows the places that characterize the brand (the Solomeo hamlet) and which are an integral part of the company values; models dressed in perfect garments, with light tones and perfectly perceptible softness; to continue with an effective message that the founder wants to leave to those who follow his show. The one created by Brunello Cucinelli is a real event that shows the collection and at the same time the brand identity: elegance and comfort expressed with a feeling of rebirth. Clothes for the outdoors and indoors overlap and proceed in a continuum in which the woman must never abandon her sense of “feeling good” to be dressed in class.

Neutral tones and comfort dominated the Milan Fashion Week, which offered strong and dynamic garments, oriented towards functionality and practicality without ever giving up on an attractive, lively, and elegant style. What made this Fashion Week really special was the need to reinvent a way to communicate fashion, no longer reduced to a single moment of perfection on the catwalk, but which had to be able to explain the artists’ thoughts and involve the public in a few minutes directly from home. It is here that the modernity of some brands has emerged, proposing themselves with an extremely contemporary language, capable of combining the image with music and with the brand itself.

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